Myrna E. Anderson

Myrna Anderson Business Manager Hudson Creative

Business Manager

Myrna E. Anderson joins our team with over 15+ years of business and operational support as our new Business Manager. She will be supporting our President in all organizational areas, including finance, human resource, and operations. 


Myna’s personality, past committee planning work, and administrative experiences are a great fit for what we were looking for moving forward, and we’re excited she has joined our team and adding value. 


Born and raised on the rough and tumble streets of Hell’s Kitchen before Disney turned it around to a tourist attraction, she learned how to read defensive plays on the basketball courts and has a smooth jump shot. 


When she is not helping our business run like a well-oiled machine, Myrna is spending quality time with her family at the beach or grilling during the summers, gardening, attendings music concerts, or working on DIY projects.


Myrna is proud of her Afro-Latina roots and family hails from La Isla Del Encanto, Puerto Rico.


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