Our five-step process includes Marketing Research, Strategic Planning, Design, Development, Execution and Analysis.

Our process focuses on the concept of the marketing campaign. A marketing campaign is a finite action, focused on a predetermined goal, which can be measured for progress and success. During our initial screening of prospective clients, it may be determined that your brand is not yet equipped to successfully execute a marketing campaign. In other cases, a client may supply us with market research from previous campaigns that will help us determine the next step. We accommodate clients at all different levels of the marketing campaign process.

Step 1: Market Research

Market research is the foundation of any successful marketing campaign, and the quality of market research will directly impact the accuracy of your campaign projections. Market research typically entails advertising research, competitive analysis, demand estimation, keyword research, segmentation research, Social Network Potential (SNP), sales forecasting and more. While marketing research techniques can vary on a project-to-project basis, the Hudson Creative process pivots on the use of marketing campaign data to be used as marketing research for future campaigns. Often times a failed marketing campaign can unearth valuable data that can be used for future strategic planning.

Step 2: Strategic planning

In the strategic planning phase we will work with the client to decide the best course of action for your marketing campaign. Using market research data, the Hudson Creative team will suggest proven methods, as well as new and innovative ways to distribute your message. During this phase we will also work with the client to establish a timeframe, and realistic goals for your campaign that will be used throughout the entire process to measure progress.

Step 3: Design

The look and feel of the campaign will come alive during the design phase. Using your brand identity, and the plan for this campaign, we will create wireframes and prototypes of the campaign. In essence we will breath life into the strategic planning phase. This eliminates any confusion of how the campaign will look and function as an extension of your brand image.

Step 4: Development

The development phase is where Hudson Creative will create the campaign vehicle. Using the prototype from the design phase, we will develop a user-friendly interface that your customers will interact with during the campaign. Depending on the campaign, the development phase can manifest itself in a variety of different ways. We may be developing something as simple as a landing page to collect email addresses, or as complicated as a mobile application for multiple platforms. The development of a mobile application can take months of programming, with periodic check-points to communicate progress with the client.

Step 5: Execution and Analysis

Once we have received final approval on the development of a campaign, the campaign is launched and measured for progress and success. The speed at which a campaign becomes viral, outliers in the data, and successful conversions are all examples of the type of analysis that begins as soon as a campaign is approved and launched. At the completion of the timeframe established in the Strategic Planning phase, we will review the data with the client to discuss the success of the campaign, and other uncovered findings.