For larger campaigns and budgets, we are constantly testing and optimizing in order to improve performance. A smaller campaign doesn’t often have the budget to do this with statistical significance, though; that’s where expertise comes in. Having worked with industries ranging from Film and Television to Restaurants, we’ve likely run a campaign similar to yours before, and we can offer improved baseline performance by using what we learned from those campaigns to help you.

Paid Advertising

We approach paid advertising with a focus on conversions. Defining what a conversion means to your business and having the technical know-how to make sure we can track it enables us to make sure campaigns offer return on investment and don’t get bogged down in vanity metrics.

Content Marketing

We’re committed to being a white-hat shop, so we don’t use click-bait or programmatically generated content strategies. In our experience, these offer a short-term boost in exchange for the potential to be de-listed from Google.
At Hudson Creative, your content is never outsourced. We write everything in-house, working with you to make sure what we write isn’t just useful for a short bump, but instead makes long-term improvements.


Part of not outsourcing your copy is making sure your email campaigns push a message consistent not only with your branding, but also with your website and ad messaging. By tracking everything from opens to clicks to what the people do after they reach your website, we can optimize your campaign to make sure it’s reaching your audience at the right time with the right message to drive conversions.


None of this means anything if you can’t see it. Reporting is fundamental to our process here at Hudson. Clean data and actionable reports let you keep up to date and make quick decisions about your campaigns, both digital and otherwise.