The Job

Plan, execute and manage Patina Restaurant Group’s ad campaign for NYC Restaurant Week for all participating locations. 

The Approach

We choose the ad networks and audience targeting for the campaign based on benchmarks from previous campaigns. We audited all web pages to where the ads were driving and made changes to maximize conversion opportunities. We ran Google Display Ads (see below, left) early in the campaign to raise awareness then focused on Search Ads (see below, right) to capitalize on the high volume of users searching during Restaurant Week. We monitored the campaigns very closely, making hundreds of targeting changes, excluding improper placements and ensuring our ads were showing up in front of the correct audience at the correct time.

Campaign Details

  • Timeframe: Jul 1 – Aug 13
  • Media Ad Spend: $2094
  • Clicks: 11,911 (CPC $0.18)
  • Impressions: 703,700

The Result

  • Reservation Attempts: 342
  • Viewed Menu: 2570
  • Click to Call: 45
  • Cost per Conversion: $0.71

Our cost per conversions was 99% better than the industry average for this campaign. If our cost per conversion was at the industry average, it would have cost our client approximately $175K for the number of conversions we captured for $2,094.

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