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Their Story

Glaze Teriyaki offers small-batch, house-made, and healthy Japanese food selections, including delicious gluten-free teriyaki options for all palates. Their signature Seattle-style Glaze teriyaki chicken, gluten-free and healthy options are always fresh, flavorful, and full of love.  

Their Goal

Drive more awareness for established NYC locations and the new location in Chicago to increase new customer acquisition and online orders.

Our Solution

Our SEO work included local listing clean ups and on website optimizations. We also created a store locator page and new location pages. We helped migrate their email to a new domain, established Google Analytics tracking and reporting and managed their online presence during COVID closures and re-openings.

Their Success

We successfully drove more impressions online for Glaze, that led to more guests on their website. The best part about these increases was the dramatic increase in online orders that came along with them, an indicator that the people we were attracting to the website were the right audience, ready to engage with the brand and make a purchase online.

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