The Job

Plan and execute an ad campaign for a multi-unit restaurant group to drive awareness and reservations at their NYC locations for Valentine’s Day, 2020.

The Approach

We worked with the client to identify key target markets, using prior campaigns to refine the targeting as well as proven strategies we’ve developed to maximize conversions with strategically-timed mix of display and search ads. We monitored the campaigns very closely, making hundreds of targeting changes, excluding improper placements and ensuring our ads were showing up in front of the correct audience at the correct time.

The Campaign

Timeframe: 1/15/20 – 2/13/20
Ad Spend: $2,991.46
Impressions: 1.6MM
Clicks: 10,835
CTR: 0.7%
Conversions*: 1,967
CPC: $0.28  | CPA: $1.52

Testing Caption Text

The Result

Our campaign outperformed industry averages for CTR, CPC and CPA (industry averages from Wordstream). We captured 366 reservation attempts and 1,576 menu views in addition to capturing millions of impressions and 10,000+ website views for the restaurant group for Valentine’s Day.

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