LDV Hospitality Leverages Digital to Navigate COVID-19 Shutdowns

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Conversions (reservations, calls and event inquiries) in 2022


Cost per conversion (vs. $26.58 industry average)


New website visitors in 2022 from ad campaigns

Their Story

LDV Hospitality is a boutique restaurant group with 6 signature brands and 17 locations across 5 countries (and at sea!). They boast unique restaurants and cocktail bars, both independently and tailor-made for iconic hotel partners.

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Their Goal

LDV’s brands are synonymous with refinement, inspired by La Dolce Vita, ‘The Good Life.’ As with many restaurants, location is everything. While LDV’s brands had benefited historically from their centralized locales and partnerships with hotels in tourism-heavy areas, this steady baseline of business was shaken to its core with the closures and shutdowns that came with COVID-19 in 2020. 


How could these restaurants continue to drive revenue in this highly volatile time of uncertainty and ever-changing reality for the industry and the world?

Our Solution

We partnered with LDV throughout COVID shutdowns, offering a variety of different types of digital marketing help when campaigns were turned off, and flexible campaign strategies when there was revenue to capture.


We collaborated with their team to develop unique campaign ideas and customized targeting, focusing on locals, some who knew the restaurant to drive repeat visitation, and others looking to try a high-end spot that may have been a little beyond their budget or too laden with travelers before the pandemic for them to consider.


We developed portfolio reporting to track success based on our own “best score” results benchmarks, since we quickly surpassed industry averages for performance.


We monitored each campaign closely, along with local pandemic mandates and situations, to ensure each dollar of LDV’s budget was used wisely and drove clear ROI during this critical time for the group’s future.

Their Success

Consistently lowering cost per click ($0.28 per click in 2022) meant more website traffic with their budget. Lowering their cost per conversion (conversion being a reservation, event inquiry or phone call) meant LDV’s ad spend continued to do more for them as our campaigns became more refined and successful, meeting the right audiences at the right time, leading to over 10,000 revenue-driving actions in 2022.


By the time the world began to truly reopen post-COVID, we had 10+ campaigns running for LDV’s brands, many of which had been optimized for months before the competition even thought of turning this type of marketing activity back on.


This gave LDV a huge advantage over their peers, not only during COVID when each online order and outdoor cover counted more than ever, but afterwards when the world was ready to get back to dining out, and competition for those diners fiercer than ever.

Rachel Musolf

Director of Marketing

Working with Hudson Creative has been effortless. They are clearly experts, but also responsive, kind people. They never back down from extra questions we have or support we need. They are a much-valued resource to our hospitality company, and we look forward to continued partnership with them as we continue to grow.


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