We are a team with a lot of experience when it comes to website development. Whether you are looking for a small wordpress site or a complete redesign with a complex marketplace and inventory management system, we’ve built it before and can help guide you forward.

Website Development

Hudson Creative began with web development. We saw client after client go off with a well-designed website and put it in the hands of people that didn’t know how to make it work to its potential. That’s why we changed into a technical marketing company. Frankly, we wanted to see the sites we design succeed and have clients happy with the improvement to their bottom line as well as their visual presence online. We still design websites, and we’re still good at it – but if you’re interested in that service we ask that you sign on for a six month marketing plan as well.

Analytics Tracking

Analytics is fundamental to what we do at Hudson Creative. Without it, we can’t tell if what we are doing is having an effect on your business. By building analytics into your website, we can make sure every event is logged – you’ll never have a situation where you want to know something about your audience only to be stymied by a ‘we don’t know, we aren’t tracking that.’

UI Optimization

Truly understanding what people do once they are on your website lets us optimize how your audience interacts with your system. We design with the end-user in mind, creating a framework from simple user stories. This prevents issues where we spend time designing a feature only to find it doesn’t fit into the scheme and the audience doesn’t use or resonate with it.