Hudson Creative is a digital agency specializing in brand development and online advertising.

Our strategy is an integrated process of both design and delivery, resulting in the ability to create campaigns that ignite consumer behavior. Our process is calculated, and measures results. We are goal-oriented, and the goal of any successful online advertising campaign is to go viral.

Our primary expertise at Hudson Creative is creating and managing your Online Brand. Your Online Brand is different than your brand itself. Where a brand evokes feelings of recognition and sentiment, your online brand manifests itself through clicks and likes. The frequency at which consumers are experiencing your brand online is steadily increasing, through a multitude of different devices and mediums. How will your customers experience you online? Where will they find you? And more importantly when they do find you, will they be engaged by your brand and your message?

The core of Hudson Creative is driven by our ability to create successful advertising campaigns. Many of our prospective clients are not even ready to advertise online when we come on board. A successful advertising campaign is the result of market research, strategic planning, design, development, execution and analysis. We work with clients at all different levels of this process, with the knowledge and forthright to give you realistic dimension and scope of your project. We are a full service agency that can work for you, or with you by training personnel on-site to implement a campaign.

Most importantly, we love what we do. As a team, we believe that the Internet is a powerful tool that can help your brand communicate and engage customers in a variety of different ways. The constantly changing technological landscape makes navigating this system a new and interesting challenge every day. As can be summarized by a fellow enthusiast;

We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?

Steve Jobs