We run targeted digital ad campaigns to help you increase revenue through online channels, providing thoughtful insights, easy-to-understand analytics and actionable reporting every step of the way. Here’s a bit more detail on our process:


We work with you on determining your ad campaign details, including networks to distribute the campaigns (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), audience targeting, content, creative and ad conversion goals. 


We adjust or create the ad destination website or landing page, optimizing the page for ad conversion goals and trackable reporting, including changes to on-site copy, site style and format, backend code and tools like Google Analytics.


We constantly improve targeting and identify exclusions so your ads are served to the right audience at the right time and ensure that this audience is converting (based on your goals) at a high rate.


We provide a custom dashboard that shows live ad metrics and goal conversions. We provide ad insights throughout the campaign and provide a comprehensive campaign recap after the ads end.


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