Hudson Creative Digs In With Pepsi

James Page

By James Page

January 27, 2021

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This month we’re thrilled to announce our participation in PepsiCo’s consumer-facing, multi-year platform, “Dig In,” a rallying cry for people to double down on supporting Black-owned restaurants. As part of this platform, Hudson Creative will provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for hundreds of Black-owned restaurants across the United States. 

Beyond the opportunity to work with a world-class brand like Pepsi, our team is motivated by the challenge to roll up our sleeves and join those working to break down the systemic racial barriers that have limited progress for Black people in this country. Our commitment to “Dig In” with Pepsi is a promise to leverage our digital marketing expertise to promote Black-owned restaurants and share the delicious food, rich history, and culture that these restaurants contribute to the American experience.

To learn more about PepsiCo’s “Dig In” platform please watch this video, which includes our friends Rose Broussard and Pitmaster Dwight Harvey, owners of Off the Bone Barbeque in Dallas, TX.

Off the Bone Barbeque Video Thumbnail

For additional information about PepsiCo’s “Dig In” platform please check out these links:

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James Page

Jimmy started Hudson Creative over 10 years ago as a one-man web development company. Since then, he has published hundreds of websites, developed an unmatched knowledge of search engine optimization, and built the Hudson team to rally around a simple mission: execute our unique, proven digital marketing tactics to help clients reach their business goals.


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