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Optimizing a Single Location Web Page for Wolfgang Puck Catering

Creating single location web page is a common request we receive from restaurant or catering groups. It’s impossible to create a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy without these pages. Think about it: You google “sandwich shop near me” and the results show a sandwich shop 10 minutes away from you. So you click on the result to view the menu, and all of the sudden it brings you to the homepage of the sandwich chain. Since you can’t view the menu immediately, you may consider an alternative option that’s easier to find online.

A restaurant group that has separate landing pages for each unit can drive users directly from a search engine or paid ad campaign to the location page they’re seeking information from! These guests will want to know more information like the menu offered, operating hours, whether or not you have WiFi and if they can bring their dog with them.

In May 2018 we were hired by Wolfgang Puck Catering to optimize the venue page for Union Station in Dallas, as a test to see if this was a change they wanted to make for all location pages.

Before and After SEO Improvements

Which Website Elements did we Optimize?

To start we completed a Keyword Analysis for the unit. A Keyword Analysis is the first step in any digital marketing project, so that we can research and define positioning for the campaign.

From there we optimized the copywriting for the keywords uncovered in our analysis and redesigned the web page to create a simple user experience that would increase conversions. After reviewing the design with the client, we were able to log into their existing website and change only the Union Station page without disrupting the rest of the website. This enabled us to test our new design in a single use case, without having to overhaul the entire website.

SEO Results Data

Comparing the time period after we launched our updates to the landing page (June 7, 2018) and the previous time period, we saw a +119.76% increase in Avg. Time on Page and a -15.39% decrease in bounce rate.

More importantly the sales team has received over 50 online lead form inquiries during the current time period, as compared to less than 5 in the previous time period. This is a +1000% increase in the number of leads generated from this location page.

What Else?

We did not do Local Listing Development work for this project. Had we spent more time auditing, claiming and building directory links for this location the results would have been even more dramatic.

Lastly, while optimizing the web page we also built a custom connection between the online form and a lead management system called Reserve Interactive. This means that as new leads come in, the sales team is notified by email while the lead is also automatically entered into their lead management system. Hudson was able to study the Reserve Interactive API documentation and map fields from our online form to the native Reserve database.