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increase in website sessions


decrease in web page bounce rate

Their Story

Founded in 1998, Wolfgang Puck Catering sets the standard for culinary excellence, bringing  innovative cuisine and refined service to the worlds’ most renowned clients.

Wolfgang Puck Catering’s venue Union Station commands respect and inspires awe. Completed in 1916 and restored in 2008 for $23 million, this architectural icon showcases a range of unique spaces.

Master Chef Wolfgang Puck
Their Goal

Use the Union Station website to drive more private event inquiries to the Wolfgang Puck Catering sales team.

Web Development Optimization for Wolfgang Puck's Website
Our Solution

We audited the existing venue page, identifying opportunities to adjust the style, copy and information framework. Then we edited the page layout and content so it was optimized for both users and for search engines to increase visibility and conversions.

Their Success

In the 8 months after the website redesign project was completed, Wolfgang Puck Catering received 85 qualified leads for the Union Station venue from online inquiry submissions. The team had received no qualified leads from this web page in the 8 months prior to our project.

Online Conversions Turned Into Revenue for Wolfgang Puck's Union Station Location

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Hudson Creative is an important partner in our lead generation strategy. They really take the time to understand our business and continuously look for opportunities to increase qualified catering leads through our website. When making the decision to invest in SEO and digital ads, Jimmy and the Hudson team make it easy to compare strategies and predict returns.

Pamela Slate Brunson, Chief Creative Officer
Wolfgang Puck Catering

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