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Increase in website conversion rate


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Hudson Creative has served as the lead digital agency for Wolfgang Puck Catering since 2018, managing strategy & implementation for Web, Email, Paid Digital, SEO and Reporting.


The Challenge
In 2023, Wolfgang Puck Catering set out to build a new website, creating their own domain separate from wolfgangpuck.com fine dining and global product brands. Hudson Creative designed and built www.wolfgangpuckcatering.com which launched in June/July 2023. We advised on every step of the process from digital brand consulting to ADA compliance and search engine optimization.


Higher Conversion Rates Post-Launch, as Website Traffic Continues to Grow
In the months following the website launch, traffic has continued to grow despite launching on a fresh new domain (vs. wolfgangpuck.com). Total conversions YoY are 160% higher (for similar total website users) highlighting a significantly improved user experience.

Catering Digital Marketing


A Seasonal Campaign Calendar and Omni-Channel Approach
Hudson Creative is in charge of the planning and design of seasonal campaigns to connect with guests and drive business results via website, email marketing and paid digital ads. In 2023, we’ll manage a paid digital advertising spend of est. $100K with an average cost per conversion of $19.22 (catering lead). Our most recent campaign Elevate Your Holiday Celebrations drove over 500K impressions and over 500 conversions (catering leads).

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