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YOY Increase in total revenue from drop-off catering orders


Average cost per lead for a restaurant reservation, private event inquiry or drop-off catering order


ROAS for Thanksgiving holiday orders


ilili is a Lebanese restaurant headed by its executive chef and CEO, Phillipe Massoud. The five-star diamond award recipient offers both traditional and contemporary Lebanese flavors with outposts in NYC and Washington DC.


The Challenge

ilili hired Hudson Creative in April, 2023, to help drive more drop-off catering orders and private event inquiries through their website. With two restaurants in very different locations (NYC & DC) we were tasked with identifying the right audience for each location, and making sure the website user experience was simple and easy to understand for all audiences.


Google Search Ads to Drive Drop-off Catering Orders

Before starting the campaign Hudson Creative worked with ilili to understand their brand and the drop-off catering offering before building a dedicated landing page. We also set up Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking to record completed catering orders from the campaign.

We created a Google Search Ad campaign with a budget of $1-2K per month to drive 50+ additional orders per month which resulted in a $250K increase in total online catering order sales YOY.


More Private Event Inquiries via TripleSeat

Before the campaign started Hudson Creative built (2) new private event landing pages for both NYC & DC locations, that included embedding the TripleSeat lead form directly into the page.

We managed a digital ad budget of $12.5K across multiple ad networks to drive 199 qualified lead submissions through TripleSeat for an average cost per lead of $62.72.


A Sell-Out Campaign for Thanksgiving Orders

ilili offers a popular family pick-up meal for Thanksgiving at both NYC & DC locations as well as nationwide delivery through their Goldbelly account. Hudson Creative used audience data gathered through a Facebook/Instagram pixel to remarket the Thanksgiving offering to anyone who had visited their website or social media accounts throughout the year. The result was $90K+ revenue from online orders for a total media budget of less than $3K (beating a 30X ROAS). The restaurant sold out of turkeys ahead of the holiday, and were able to focus their energy on fulfillment (instead of marketing) in the final days leading up to Thanksgiving.


Summarizing Our Digital Efforts for ilili Restaurants

After starting our relationship in April, 2023, we worked closely with the ilili team throughout the year to manage campaign performance and make weekly adjustments. Between April and December we were able to reduce the cost per conversion by -74.66% ($24.35 vs $6.17). Conversions include restaurant reservations, private event inquiries or drop-off catering orders.


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