Driving Cucina & Co.’s Search Visibility

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year-over-year increase in website sessions from search engines


year-over-year increase in listing and website views in search engines


year-over-year increase in restaurant views on Google Maps

Their Story

Cucina & Co. is a gourmet café and classic marketplace offering take-out and eat-in lunch from a diverse selection of freshly prepared, home-style culinary classics.

Their Goal

Increase the number of people who found Cucina & Co. (a casual sit-down cafe and QSR marketplace) online when they searched for breakfast and lunch options near Rockefeller Center.

Our Solution

By researching and identifying the right keywords for Cucina and optimizing both their website and third party directory listings (i.e. Google My Business, Bing, Yelp, Foursquare, Apple Maps, etc) we were able to dramatically increase Cucina’s position for these keywords in search results.

Their Success

2-3 months after launched our efforts, the number of users who visited the Cucina & Co. website organically increased significantly (see the blue line in the graph below around September, 2018). By the end of the year users from organic search had increased +68.33% year-over-year and website sessions from organic search had increased +75.09%.

We also helped increase the number of users who found Cucina on Google Maps, resulting in +195,024 views in Google Maps (+142.53% increase from 2017 vs. 2018). These users did not visit Cucina’s website, but engaged with Cucina by searching online.


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