Lead-Generating Ad Campaigns for Wolfgang Puck Catering

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Private event inquiries


Increase in catering leads from ads vs. prior year


Cost per conversion for qualified private event leads

Their Story

The standard for culinary excellence, Wolfgang Puck Catering brings innovative cuisine and refined service to the world’s’ most renowned clients.

Wolfgang Puck Catering dishes being served
Their Goal

Drive private event and catering leads to the Wolfgang Puck Catering sales team in charge of booking events across 6 different venues.

Our Solution

We conduct audience research and set up ad groups for each location with dynamic A/B testing. We build dynamic campaigns and refresh all ad creative and campaign strategies quarterly to improve results. We redesign venue landing pages for optimal user experience and conversions. We connected lead tracking systems (like CallRail and Reserve Interactive) to monitor and report on inbound lead quality.

Wolfgang Puck Catering digital display advertisements
Their Success

Our cost per conversion has consistently dropped (-22.43% year-over-year this year) so that Wolfgang Puck Catering is paying less per lead. We’ve also provided valuable insights about their online audience by monitoring engagement rates and providing reporting and analysis of A/B testing.

Hudson Creative currently manages a portfolio of online advertising campaigns for Wolfgang Puck Catering, driving tens of thousands of catering leads since the beginning of 2019.

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